Catherine Drury Barnes

Vice President, Applied Ergonomics Group

Catherine Barnes, Vice President has worked with Applied Ergonomics Group for over 30 years, providing Human Factors training, presentations to FAA, A4A, Working group meetings, on-site data collection, questionnaire development/analysis, and project management for the Federal Aviation Administration, Elkay Manufacturing, Boeing Commercial Aircraft, US Postal Service, Continental Airlines and Ryder Trucks. She has her Masters’s in Educational Psychology from the University of Colorado Denver. She earned her undergraduate degree in marketing from Miami University in Ohio and her MBA from the University of Colorado Boulder.

In addition, Colin Drury and Catherine Drury Barnes together have broad experience in on-site data collection and analysis, most recently for Boeing Commercial Aircraft and Elkay Manufacturing (Drury and Drury Barnes, 2019), but also from earlier published work together (e.g. Drury et al, 1989; Drury and Drury Barnes, 1999).

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Human / Automation Collaboration in Aviation NDT

September 20th, 2023 9:10 am - 9:40 am
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