A4A-SAE NDT Innovation Award

A4A-SAE NDT Innovation Award


Please provide your nomination as a Word document with the following elements:

  • Nominator’s Name and contact information
  • Project Title
  • For each member of the nominated team (including self-nomination):
  • Name
    • Title / Position
    • Employer
    • Phone
    • Email
  • Project Summary: In 1000 words or less, describe
    • How does the new technology, technique, process, or policy result in more effective testing and inspection?
    • How does the new technology, technique, process, or policy result in less expensive testing and inspection?
    • What technical or non-technical obstacles did the team have to overcome?
    • How is the new technology, technique, process, or policy novel or innovative?
  • Submit this completed nomination, in MS-Word and any additional attachments (e.g., PowerPoint, Excel…) via email to kberger@airlines.org .
  • Subject Line of email should be: “NDT Innovation Award.”

The nomination deadline is July 15, 2022.



Purpose: The A4A/SAE Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Innovation Award, formerly known as the Better Way Award, is an annual process established to recognize a government-industry team that has developed and applied a technology, technique, process, or policy that advances inspection or test of civil/commercial aircraft structure, aircraft components, or aircraft systems. Improvements will be assessed as a function of process sensitivity, reliability, and cost effectiveness.

Eligibility: Team eligibility includes both US government and private industry personnel. Employees of universities, national labs, and non-profit organizations are also eligible as supplemental recipients of this award. Membership in A4A or SAE is not required. Teams may have up to twelve members. The accomplishment may involve research, development, engineering, application, management, or policy, and must have occurred not more than 18 months prior to the NDT Forum. Awards Committee members are not eligible for the award.

Awards Committee: An Awards Committee consisting of two A4A member airline representatives and two SAE committee representatives will review the nominations and select the winner.

Nominations: A4A and SAE are currently soliciting nominations. Nominations may be submitted by anyone (including the awards committee members themselves) and do not need to adhere to any formal format. The nomination should include the names, affiliations, and contact information for all team members; the name and contact information of the nominator; and a brief (one page) description of the accomplishment.