David Hoyng

Federal Aviation Administration, Aviation Safety Inspector, Aircraft Maintenance Division (AMD)

David (Dave) has been with the FAA since 2006, and has been in the Aircraft Maintenance Division, Commercial Aviation Group-121 Section since 2014. He serves as a Subject Matter Expert in commercial aviation operations, primarily Air Carrier Maintenance and Airworthiness. This position requires him to develop, implement, analyze, and evaluate policies, standards, programs, and procedures governing certification, inspection, surveillance and operations under 14 CFR parts 91k, 119, 121, 125, 129, and 135; evaluates regulatory petitions or proposals to develop new or amended rules, regulations, or other regulatory material.

Previous assignments in Southwest Airlines CMO, Lubbock FSDO and United Parcel Service CMO. Prior positions as Partial Program Manager(PPM), Asst PPM, Principal Avionics Inspector (PAI), Asst PAI and Geographical Inspector. Various positions in the 26 years preceding the FAA; Director of Quality Assurance(part 145 & USAF), Chief Inspector(part145 & USAF), Agent for Service(part 145), Airline Engineering representative(part 121), Quality Control/Assurance Inspector(part 121/145), Aircraft Maintenance Technician(part 121/145), aircraft maintenance Superintendent/Director of Maintenance(USAF).

His aviation path started in 1980 (active-duty USAF). Married and have three sons, 1 granddaughter.

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Panel Discussion - Forward Looking NDT Training Standards: ATA 105, AC 65-31B…

September 20th, 2023 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
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