Nicolas Dominguez

Nicolas Dominguez


Master Science degree in Applied Mathematics in 2001 PhD in Physics on the topic of ultrasonic inspection of porosity in composite materials, in 2006 Joined Airbus R&T in 2006 as research engineer dealing with NDT of composite materials, Modelling of NDT and Probability of Detection. Joined CEA as program manager for the CIVA software between 2011 and 2013. Back to Airbus Innovation Works in 2013 as Head of the "Automated NDT" team. Since 2017 with Airbus Operations SAS as R&T Roadmap owner for NDT and now Head of "Inspection & Sensing Methods" in the Airbus Engineering NDT branch.

1:20 pm -

Regency FGH

Drone Project and Automated Visual Inspection at Airbus

11:35 am -

SHM Detection Capabilities Demonstration - Airbus Progress and Perspectives

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